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There is no minimum, only smaller - - BWT Lightning Series Fiber Laser | New Release

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In the tech world,,“small” What does it mean?
Computer is one of the most important scientific and technological inventions in the 20th century. Its application extends from the initial military scientific research to all fields of society. Nowadays, people travel, shopping, office, ordering food. Can be easily done with a little smart phone. Eighty years ago, it was a behemoth - the world's first electronic digital integration computer was 80 feet by 8 feet and weighed 28 tons.

"Small" means more sophisticated, more lightweight, more dexterity, more easy to carry, go to market more widely. It is the inevitable trend of the development of large machines, and also put forward higher requirements for technology and intelligence. BWT’s Lightning series fiber laser came into being, Lightning series BFL-CW3000W Fiber laser0.023M3 volume means fewer modules, more high quality Integrated output, more stable and efficient processing capacity

Smaller, lighter and more stable

Lightning series fiber laser adopts single optical path module design, breaking through the single module power limit, optical path, waterway, circuit system comprehensive optimization——

  • Thermal control management is easier;
  • More compact structure;
  • Higher safety factor;
  • Better stability.

Due to the strong technical support, the BFL-CW3000 fiber laser is a smaller and lighter fiber laser compared with similar products in the market, reaching the international leading level of similar products.

Update iteration

Lightning series BFL-CW3000 fiber laser compared to the old 3000W fiber laser:

  • The volume is reduced by 3/4;
  • The weight is reduced by 1/2;
  • The design of the optical path and water path is more reasonable, which comprehensively improves the heat dissipation efficiency and ensures the high-quality optical output quality.

In general, the Lightning series has a more compact and compact layout and is suitable for special occasions with more space and weight constraints. The installation and integration are more convenient and fast, and it is suitable for a variety of application scenarios.

Facing the application requirements of ultra-high-power fiber lasers in the future, the Lightning series products can also effectively solve the defects of volume redundancy, bulkiness, poor stability, unstable output power, power attenuation, and module easy damage after the ultra-high-power fiber lasers are combined.

What can i do

Cutting: Suitable for laser cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and various metal materials.

Welding: It is suitable for various welding processes such as single laser welding, swing laser welding, laser wire filling welding, and laser compound welding.

Cladding: Suitable for various laser remanufacturing processes such as ordinary laser cladding, high-speed laser cladding, laser quenching, and laser alloying.


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