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OLED processing

Numerous polymers are added into OLED panels. The “cold processing” feature of super-fast laser can prevent liquefaction of polymers due to heat effect. Therefore, super-fast laser has extremely well established application in stripping of OLED glaze panels as well as cutting of panels.

FPC processing

FPC, also known as flexible printed circuit, is an important connecting circuit in electronic sector. It is also an important branch of PCB. Ultrafast laser has wide application in FPB owing to its high processing precision and efficienc

PCB processing

PCB, namely printed circuit board, is a carrier for mutual connection of electronic elements as well as a platform trunk in support of electronic elements. It is also an integral part of foundation for electronic products. As an effective instrument for precise processing, ultrafast laser has a precision up to micron level, which serves as a best choice for PCB processing.

Brittle material processing

Brittle materials have witnessed an increasingly extensive application, including mobile phones, TV sets and computer display screens. Development of ultrafast laser will further expand application scope of brittle materials. Ultrafast laser has excellent performance in terms of processing speed, edge quality as well as thickness range and universality of materials.

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