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Laser cosmetology aims to emit a laser beam of certain wavelength through the epidermis and dermis to damage pigment cells and particles. As a result of it, fragments are to be processed and absorbed by macrophage in human body. The purpose is to ensure safety, zero scar and efficient whitening.


According to its principles, laser physiotherapy aims to impose artificial or natural physical factors to human body to produce a favorable response. It is a method for prevention and treatment of diseases as well as an important link for rehabilitation treatment.


As a diagnosis approach, laser has been widely applied to clinical surgery. It can be used for such surgeries as cutting, gasification and consolidation as well as Photosensitive diagnosis and treatment.


As a new technology of dentistry, laser has attracted high attention from people. The laser optical fiber is flexible and slender, which can freely enter the bottom of periodontal pocket and any field in the mouth. Laser with wavelength up to 1064nm features in appropriate penetration into human tissue and appropriate heat generated. The use of low-energy laser can effectively seal the capillaries of the oral cavity, decompose and denature bacterial proteins, and achieve the effects of modification, hemostasis and sterilization.

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