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BWT - 2022 SPIE Photonics West Exhibition

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BWT - 2022 SPIE Photonics West Exhibition

From January 25th to 27th, 2022 SPIE Photonics West Exhibition in San Francisco, USA was held at the Moscone Convention Center. The German team of BWT participated in the exhibition with many star products under the two series of diode lasers and fiber lasers. 


Dr. Marcel & Dr. Jens


The BWT German team that went to participate in the exhibition has laid a solid foundation for BWT to further expand the global market because of its world-leading diode laser technology.

At this exhibition, users showed strong interest in many BWT’s products, such as 980nm 400W fiber laser pump source used in scientific research, material processing and other fields; Used in dental, medical beauty and other medical multi-wavelength products; As well as 878nm VBG, 808nm solid-state pump laser, and 3000W ytterbium-doped fiber laser used in metal welding, industrial cladding, 3D printing and other fields.

Personalized customization; Multiple applications - DS3 diode laser system

Due to the diversity of chip materials, the DS3 diode laser system can achieve different wavelength output from ultraviolet to infrared, which can meet the needs of different applications such as material processing, scientific research, industrial pumping, medical beauty, sensor detection, etc. One of a wide range of laser light sources. This system provides customers with a variety of appearance solutions, while meeting the needs of different types of customers in industry and scientific research. The overall design of the equipment is convenient for customers to install and fix, and the foot design function can effectively reduce the vibration stress during the operation of the equipment.

HA lightweight, lock wavelength

HA lightweight, wavelength-locking products have the characteristics of light weight, small volume, high power, high brightness, high electro-optical efficiency and high sealing performance. This product weighs only 190g and measures only 145×51.7×16.7(mm); it can cover 976±0.5nm, 200W@105μm 0.22NA fiber output or 250W@135μm 0.22NA fiber output; electro-optical efficiency>50%. In the future, with the improvement of the brightness and electro-optical efficiency of semiconductor chips, lightweight, high-power pump source products will play an irreplaceable role in the light source manufacturing of small-volume high-power fiber lasers.

Medical Multiwavelength Diode Lasers

In actual medical scenarios, lasers of different wavelengths are often used. Traditional single-wavelength lasers can only achieve good results in one aspect. Therefore, multiple lasers and multiple devices are required to be used together. BWT multi-wavelength lasers use wavelength combining technology outputs two or more wavelengths of laser light through a single fiber, enabling one device to complete a variety of different treatment plans. Multi-wavelength lasers have the advantages of low power consumption, easy maintenance, and customization.

3000W Ytterbium Doped Fiber Laser

The 3000W ytterbium-doped fiber laser is small in size and flexible in movement, and can be easily integrated into a handheld laser welding machine; with smart bluetooth transmission, you can easily check the equipment status, check faults, and quickly adjust the laser status on the mobile phone. With the increasing degree of miniaturization, intelligence and integration of processing equipment, you can say goodbye to the work scene where you need to bring a notebook and perform complicated wiring for a fault inquiry.


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