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High Power and Narrow Pulse Width IR Femtosecond Laser

The high-power narrow-pulse-width femtosecond laser adopts an all-fiber structure and an integrated sealed cavity, with stable performance and strong anti-interference ability. Pulse widths less than 200 fs and high temporal quality are achieved with efficient nonlinearity and dispersion management. The fiber femtosecond laser has good application value and prospects in bioimaging, optogenetics, ultrafast spectroscopy and other fields, and is also very popular in the processing of some organic thin film materials, especially flexible electronic materials.

Main features:

User-friendly interface

Real-time state monitoring

High beam quality; Suitable for precision processing

Narrow pulse width; Excellent pulse quality and stability

Low-cost; maintenance-free

Beam Roundness:


Beam Quality:


Pulse width:


Max Energy:





Performance Parameter

Structure Size (mm)


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