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BWT Lightning series fiber lasers empower the development of laser intelligent manufacturing industry

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BWT Lightning series fiber lasers empower the development of laser intelligent manufacturing industry

In 2022, BWT achieved an impressive record of nearly 300% year-on-year growth in fiber laser sales by virtue of conceptual and technological innovations. This achievement is inseparable from our newly launched Lightning series lasers in 2022, which achieved sales of nearly 20,000 units in the first year of launch.

What is lightning fiber laser?

Speaking of the origin of the lightning series, it can be traced back to Chairman Chen Xiaohua's prediction on the development of the industry. At that time, domestic fiber lasers were in a power competition. If you launched 20,000 watts, I would launch 30,000 watts. While Mr. Chen is pursuing higher power, he is also keenly aware that the future laser industry will definitely develop in a more intelligent and integrated direction. After several years of user research and market analysis, Mr. Chen gradually perfected the design concept of "Less is More", and personally redesigned the fiber laser, and finally formed today's Lightning series lasers.

The core concept of the Lightning series is "Less is More", that is, to obtain more application scenarios by compressing the volume and reducing excess space. In the process of practicing the concept of "Less is More", Chen Xiaohua put forward the "three no principles" of industrial product design - no wasted materials, no wasted volume, and no wasted man-hours. By practicing the "three no principles", the production efficiency from raw materials to finished products has been greatly improved, and the user experience has also been greatly improved, meeting the needs of users for convenient use, saving transportation costs, and saving installation space.

Why is lightning fiber laser so small? Is it stable to use?

From the appearance point of view, the Lightning series has achieved great success. June 2022, we launched a 6000W drawer laser simultaneously with a famous foreign fiber laser manufacturer, but the overall volume of the Lightning series 6000W laser is 27% smaller than that of foreign brands. Compared with BWT's previous 6000W multimode laser, the Lightning laser is nearly 90% smaller in size and nearly 75% lighter than the old laser!

In August of the same year, we were the first to launch a drawer-type 12kW fiber laser in the world, which not only reduced the volume by 75%, but also reduced the weight by 60%. The launch of the Lightning series directly promoted the technological innovation of miniaturization and light weight.

Of course, small size and light weight are not all the advantages of Lightning series. For industrial users, stability is above other attributes, and the Lightning series also has a very good performance in terms of stability.


The first is the stability of the pump source. BWT is one of the earliest companies in China to devote itself to the research and development of fiber laser pump sources. After 20 years of market polishing, it has accumulated very strong technical assets and tempered the "intensive spatial arrangement theory". Based on this theory, we have developed the fourth-generation industrial pumping technology with high power and high brightness, which has become the core guarantee for the stability of Lightning series lasers.


Secondly, we have carried out a highly integrated and modular design for the Lightning series lasers, and fully upgraded the pump source, optical system, thermal control management and electronic control system, which not only saves space, but also ensures stable performance and reliable quality of fiber lasers.


Considering the returning light that often appears in practical applications, we have also carried out multiple anti-high-reflection designs for the Lightning series lasers: using multiple anti-high-reflection structure designs to effectively eliminate more than 99% of the returning light and achieve stable processing of high-reflective materials.


At the same time, in terms of production process and quality control, we also ensure product stability through three aspects:


1) With intelligent manufacturing as the core concept, implement the digital system management of the whole process of production and manufacturing, monitor the production process of products in real time, improve production efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, and comprehensively prevent and correct errors;


2) Promote the digital QMS quality management system, efficiently improve the monitoring, analysis and traceability of quality data, and take reasonable anti-blocking measures for potential failure forms in advance, so as to improve the stable operation of quality and ultimately enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises;


3) From product design to mass production, product performance must undergo a large number of reliability tests: high-temperature storage and work, vibration, simulated transportation, long-term aging, etc., while continuously improving the sealing structure of the product to ensure the reliability of the overall quality.


From China to the world - the global leader in miniaturized and lightweight lasers

BWT has been actively exploring overseas markets. At the end of January this year, the annual global photonics industry event "SPIE Photonics West" was held in San Francisco, USA as scheduled, and Lightning 3000W lasers also appeared on the international stage as representatives of the Lightning family. Compared with the past, this Lightning 3000W laser, which is nearly 75% smaller in size and 50% lighter in weight, aroused the admiration of the audience. This exhibition received hundreds of purchase intention inquiries. Technological innovation has been recognized.


In addition, many of our users in Japan and South Korea also spoke highly of the Lightning series lasers. They believe that the Lightning series lasers have very good quality, and they have excellent performance in a more compact size, helping them to succeed in the market.

In conclusion

In the future, 
BWT will continue to provide customers with high-level products and services, and will launch more new products that can meet customer needs in the future, so stay tuned.




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