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Congratulations! BWT won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award in the Laser Industry in 2019.

Time : 2019-08-14

On July 17th, 2019, BWT’s medical multi-wavelength laser diode won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award in Shanghai.

The new medical multi-wavelength lasers diodes from BWT have many advantages. First of all, a new generation of end facet illumination technology of lasers diodes is adopted. Secondly, BWT’s unique patent technologies are integrated, such as multi-wavelength laser beam combining technology, chip packaging technology, unique optical design, fiber processing and beam shaping technology. Last but not least, good performance and high reliability of products from BWT can be guaranteed with a complete set of laser diodes batch production technology.


The multi-wavelength detachable diode laser from BWT can accommodate five different wavelengths simultaneously, 980 nm, 808 nm, 1064 nm, 635 nm, and 450 nm, respectively. Furthermore, all five wavelengths are controlled independently. The maximum output power of a single wavelength can reach 25W. This diode laser possesses multiple advantages: detachable fiber design, compact size, multi-signal feedback and standard interface definition which make it suitable for stomatology, dermatology, and internal medicine department, especially for OEM integrated medical equipment. The product has been displayed on the major domestic and overseas exhibitions and gained lots of praise from customers. This product is exported to South Korea, Japan, USA, Israel, France and other countries and regions.
As a pioneer in the domestic laser industry, BWT has devoted to the development and market applications of high-performance fiber-coupled diode lasers, fiber lasers and ultrafast lasers since 2003. BWT can highly integrate laser devices and systems. Its products cover wavelengths in the visible light to near-infrared range and its output power ranges from milliwatt to ten-thousand watt.
Only by continuous innovation can the laser industry develop sustainably. BWT will launch more innovative products that meet customer needs and take advantage of technological innovation to promote the development of domestic laser industry faster and better.
The laser innovation award is sponsored by Ringier Industrial Media. These products participated involve three fields: laser equipment parts, laser processing systems and optical materials & components. 29 products, one of which is the medical multi-wavelength diode laser from BWT, were finally selected as the winner of this award through professional expert group voting on network and WeChat.