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The Total Quality Management Training of BWT was Successfully Completed In 2018

Time : 2018-12-07
In order to strengthen BWT employees' awareness of product quality and improve their quality management skills .BWT held a 2-days total quality management training from November 23 to 24, 2018 and more than 70 supervisors and employees participated in.
Mr. Xu, a quality management expert, gave a detailed introduction from the basic concepts of quality, the concept of total quality management, the basic work of total quality management, quality cost management, quality management tools and methods in detail, so that we have a systematic understanding of total quality management knowledge and tools. In the course of teaching, Mr. Xu also made a detailed explanation from product definition, design review, verification, confirmation, production process parameter control, quality control plan and other aspects in combination with the specific key processes of laser diode manufacturing. In view of supplier management, Mr. Xu combined theory and practice from the aspects of incoming material inspection, supplier performance evaluation and supplier on-site audit. Constructive suggestions were given on the quality control of important processes, analyzed and treated of repair products and other aspects by Mr. Xu.
After the training, Mr. Chen Xiaohua, chairman of BWT, emphasized ,there will be many difficulties in the long-term development process of company, the key is that we must master the correct concepts and methods and solve the problems in the most efficient way. This comprehensive quality management training provides useful tools, the quality management in the classroom is only the first step.The practice in daily work ,at the same time, strengthen the quality system, implement the overall quality management requirement and enhance the staff quality awareness, standardize R&D and production procurement process, further improve product quality , enhance market competitiveness, create a good brand image and market reputation ,provide good quality products and best services for our customers are the most important.
As a well-known company in China's laser industry, BWT always insists on quality first and believes that providing high-quality products continuously is the foundation for the survival and development of the enterprise. Our company will continue to implement the "Focus on the laser and meticulous manufacturing, timely and effective service" quality policy. We will create higher quality products and create greater value for our customer with the joint efforts of all members of BWT.