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KW Direct Diode Laser System of BWT Beijing Won Ofweek Laser Technology Innovation Award 2017

Time : 2017-09-15

On September 7, 2017, The KW direct diode laser system from BWT Beijing was honored the Technology Innovation Award 2017 at OFweek in Shenzhen, China.
The award-winning product based on multiple single emitter design, combination of fused fiber combining, has achieved 1000 W output power from a 300μm fiber and 3000W output from a 600μm fiber. The whole system features simple structure, single-wavelength and direct diode output with moderate brightness. In addition, the KW direct diode laser system provides integrated indicator light, QBH connector, which could match with most of commercial processing head. The flat-topped beam from the laser system provides a uniform energy distribution, and is suitable for many welding and cladding applications. Compared to other types of lasers, the KW direct diode laser system has higher wall-plug efficiency, more compact structure and a more competitive price.