BWT 635nm/5W Won “Excellent Product Award” in OFweek Laser Awards
Publish Date: 2014-09-05
OFweek: 09/02/2014, Organized by OFweek laser net, OFweek Laser Awards came to a successful conclusion at Four Seasons Hotel in Shenzhen city. Following the principle of fairness, justness and openness, after several months’ company application, network voting and expert’s recommending, 14 companies stant out with different awards.

BWT won “Excellent Product Award” by its newly developed 635nm/5W fiber-coupled diode laser.

635nm/5W Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser and the Certificate
This diode laser, with 5W output power through a 105μm/0.22N.A. fiber at wavelength 635nm, can be used as the red laser source of RGB laser light-show system, meeting the demand of high power laser display. Also, it can be applied in the area of laser medicine and biochemical analysis.

The design is based on multi-single emitter fiber coupling technique. Considering each single emitter independent with each other, we can change one emitter when it is out of work without causing effect on others. Moreover, the design adopted new compact package available to integrate multiple functions like PD, thermistor, etc. No need additional cool measures, the ground board operate well with conduction-cooling under 30℃ temperature condition.

After receiving the award, BWT domestic sales director Mr. Chen Yanjun said, “Thanks a lot to academician Yao Jianquan and presented experts, BWT has been firmly growing up for 11 years, at the awards selection, we are so glad to see customers and experts’ recognition and affirmation, which is great honor as well as impetus to us. Focusing on both technology and marketing, BWT must continue to lay emphasis on research and development and provide most cost-effective products, thus keeping our national industry’s strong competitiveness in the international marketing.