2003 - BWT Established, 300 square meters clean room

2004 - Issued first generation 830nm for CTP printing market

2005 - First 1000pcs Laser entered into USA medical market

2006 - Issued second generation 830nm laser source for CTP
        - Issued duel wavelength from single fiber laser
        - clean room up to 1000 ㎡

2007 - Built COS production line with class 1,000 clean room

2008 - ISO 9001:2000 certified

2009 - Issued BWT-patent high brightness pumping  source up to 25W@105μm core  fiber
        - Upgraded the quality system to ISO 9001:2008

2010 - Issued BWT-patent high brightness pumping source up to  50W@105μm core fiber
        - Issued the third generation laser source for CTP printing   machine
        - Accumulated over 100,000 pcs lasers shipment to medical market
        - New 6,000 square meters building under construction

2011 - BWT received the license of “Gazelle Plan Key-cultivated Enterprise”.
        - A Class ratepaying credit enterprise
        - Renew the quality system  ISO 9001:2008 certificate

2012 - Pass the recheck of high-tech enterprise
        - One star grade of Gazelle plan enterprises
        - Top 100 the Most Developing Potential Credit Enterprise
        - Top 100 high developing speed enterprise in Zhongguancun

2013 - Two star grade of Gazelle plan enterprises
        - The third prize of patent race organized by Fengtai district Administration Committee

2014 - Released GEMINITM 9xxnm/150W/105μm, 200W/200μm and 976nm wavelength stabilized 
          85W/105μm diode pumps.

2015 -Set up a new building focus on diode laser manufaction.

        -“976nm/25W Wavelength-Stabilized diode laser apply for fiber laser pump ” won innovation excellence award from Beijing Products Evaluation Center.

        -Have obtained the determination certificate of the first group of innovative products in 2015 in Beijing from Beijing municipal science & technology commission.

2016- “976nm/100W Wavelength-Stabilized high power and high brightness diode laser” wins Ringier Technology Innovation Award and the Ofweek Laser Technology Innovation Award

2017-“9XXnm/210W high power diode laser” wins Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2017

-“KW Direct Diode Laser System” Wins OFweek Laser Technology Innovation Award 2017

-ISO9001:2015 certified